Biogeochemistry & Environmental Quality Research Group @ Clemson University

What we do:

The Biogeochemistry & Environmental Quality Research Group (BG&EQ) at Clemson University studies the budgets and chemistry of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in source water.  We are particularly interested in understanding the influences of watershed perturbation and managements on DOM exports affecting downstream biogeochemical processes and drinking water quality.  Specific analyses include  optical properties, elemental composition, abundance of functional moieties, degradability, halogenated reactivity, and treatability in forming disinfection byproducts (DBPs). We have employed instrumental analyses such as fluorescence spectroscopy, pyrolysis gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry, Fourier Transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry, thermodynamic and kinetic calculations, controlled field and laboratory experiments, and watershed scale monitoring to study DOM dynamic in different water bodies under the influence of climate and land use changes.















Dec 2018 - New Publication - Ku P, Tsui MTK, Nie XP, Chen H, Hoang TC, Blum JD, Dahlgren RA, and Chow AT (2018) Origin, reactivity, and bioavailability of mercury in wildfire ash.  Accepted by Environmental Science & Technology 52: 14149-14157.


Dec 2018 - New Publication - Chen H, Chow AT, Li XW, Ni HG, Dahlgren RA, Xeng H, and Wang JJ (2018) Wildfire burn intensity affects the quantity and speciation of PAH in soils. ACS Space and Earth Chemistry 2: 1262-1270.


Nov 2018 - Coates TA, Hagan DL, Aust M, Johnson A, Keen C, Chow AT, and Dozier JH (2018) Mineral soil chemical properties as influenced by long-term use of prescribed fir with differing frequencies in a southeastern coastal plan pine forest.  Forests 9(12): 739.


Nov 2018 - Yang YL, Lin ES, Sun SQ, Chen H, and Chow AT (2019) Direct electricity production from subaqueous wetland sediments and banana peels using membrane-less microbial fuel cells.  Industrial Crops & Products 128: 70-79.


Oct 2018 - New Publication - Yi J, Ruecker A, Deventer MJ, Chow AT, and Rhew RC (2018) From sea level rise to stratospheric ozone depletion: enhanced halocarbon emissions from a degraded forested wetland in coastal South Carolina.  ACS Space and Earth Chemistry 2(10): 955-967.


Sept  2018 - New Publication - Chen H, Blosser GD, Majidzadeh H, Liu XJ, Conner WH, and Chow AT (2018) Integration of an automated identification & quantification pipeline and statistical techniques for pyrolysis GC/MS tracking of the molecular fingerprints of natural organic matter.  Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 134: 371-380.


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