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Nov 2019: Chow AT, Tsai KP, Rhoades C (2019) Last effects of wildfire on disinfection byproduct formation in forest catchments. Journal of Environmental Quality 48: 1826-1834.


Nov 2019: Olivares C, Zhang WB, Uzun H, Cargi E, Majidzadeh H, Trettin C, Karanfil T, and Chow at (2019) Optical in-situ sensors capture dissolved organic carbon dynamics after prescribed fire in high-DOC forest watersheds.  International Journal of Wildland Fire 28: 761-768.


Nov 2019: Majidzadeh H, Chen H, Coates TA, Tsai KP, Olivares C, Trettin C, Uzun H©, Karanfil T, and Chow AT (2019) Periodic prescribed fire is an effective watershed management strategy to reduce organic matter export and disinfection byproduct precursors in source water.  International Journal of Wildland Fire 28: 804-813 & 822.


August 2019: Welcome Lydia Winn.  She is a new MS student in Forest Resource.  Her research project is about micropollutants in coastal blackwater rivers.


July 2019 - Dr. Chow received Switzerland ETH WSL Visiting Fellowship and will work in WSL one year starting July 1, 2019.


May 2019: A new research grant, Collaborative proposal: Response of mercury cycling to disturbance and restoration of low-gradient forested watersheds, granted by NSF Geobiology and Low Temperature Chemistry, #1850202.


May 2019: Chen H, Tsai KP, SU Q, Chow AT, and Wang JJ (2019) Throughfall dissolved organic matter as a terrestrial disinfection byproduct precursor. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 3(8): 1603-1613.


April 2019: A new  research grant, RAPID collaborative proposal: Characterization of upland watershed contamination from wildland-urban burning, granted by NSF-Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport System, #1917156.


April 2019: Tsai KP, Uzun H, Chen H© Karanfil T, and Chow AT (2019) Control wildfire-induced Microcystis aeruginosa blooms by copper sulfate: Tradeoffs between reducing algal organic matter and promoting disinfection byproduct formation.  Water Research 158: 227-236.



Dec 2018 - New Publication - Ku P, Tsui MTK, Nie XP, Chen H, Hoang TC, Blum JD, Dahlgren RA, and Chow AT (2018) Origin, reactivity, and bioavailability of mercury in wildfire ash.  Accepted by Environmental Science & Technology 52: 14149-14157.


Dec 2018 - New Publication - Chen H, Chow AT, Li XW, Ni HG, Dahlgren RA, Xeng H, and Wang JJ (2018) Wildfire burn intensity affects the quantity and speciation of PAH in soils. ACS Space and Earth Chemistry 2: 1262-1270.


Nov 2018 - Coates TA, Hagan DL, Aust M, Johnson A, Keen C, Chow AT, and Dozier JH (2018) Mineral soil chemical properties as influenced by long-term use of prescribed fir with differing frequencies in a southeastern coastal plan pine forest.  Forests 9(12): 739.


Nov 2018 - Yang YL, Lin ES, Sun SQ, Chen H, and Chow AT (2019) Direct electricity production from subaqueous wetland sediments and banana peels using membrane-less microbial fuel cells.  Industrial Crops & Products 128: 70-79.


Oct 2018 - New Publication - Yi J, Ruecker A, Deventer MJ, Chow AT, and Rhew RC (2018) From sea level rise to stratospheric ozone depletion: enhanced halocarbon emissions from a degraded forested wetland in coastal South Carolina.  ACS Space and Earth Chemistry 2(10): 955-967.


Sept  2018 - New Publication - Chen H, Blosser GD, Majidzadeh H, Liu XJ, Conner WH, and Chow AT (2018) Integration of an automated identification & quantification pipeline and statistical techniques for pyrolysis GC/MS tracking of the molecular fingerprints of natural organic matter.  Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 134: 371-380.


July 2018: New Publication - Yang YL, Chen H, Majidzadeh H, and Chow AT (2018) Electricity generation from different wetlands: Mechanisms based on dissolved organic matters in membrane-less microbial fuel cells.  Chemical Engineering Journal 351: 1006-1012.


June 2018: Mr. Luke Hatfield and Ms. Morgan Edwards are joining us as  undergraduate interns.  They will work on prescribed fire project at Santee Experimental Forest and sea level rise project at Hobcaw Barony this summer.


June 2018: Congratulation to Dr. Majidzadeh  Dr. Majidzadeh received a job offer at South Carolina Sea Grant, Charleston SC.  He will start his new job in July 2018.


June 2018: New Publication - Krauss KW, Noe GB, Duberstein JA, Conner WH, Stagg CL, Cormier N, Jones MC, Bernhardt CE, Lockaby G, From AS, Doyle TW, Day RH, Ensign SH, Pierfelice KN, Hupp CR, Chow AT, and Whitbeck JL (2018) The role of the upper tidal estuary in wetland blue carbon storage and flux. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 32(5): 817-839.


January 2018: Mr. Hunter Robinson is joining us as a MS graduate student. His project is about the fate of Hg in wildland fire.


January 2018: New Publication - Coates AT, Chow AT, Hagan DL, Waldrop TA, Wang GG, Bridges Jr. WC, Rogers MF, and Dozier JH (2018) Thermocouple probe orientation affects prescribed fire behavior estimation.  Jouranl of Environmental Quality 47: 170-176.


January 2018: New Publication - Yu XB, Ladewig S, Bao S, Toline CA, Whitmire S, and Chow AT (2018) Occurrence and distribution of microplastics at selected coastal sites along the southeastern US.  Science of the Total Environment.  612-613: 298-305.


December 2017: New Publication - Majidzadeh H,  Uzun H, Ruecker A, Miller D, Vernon J, Zhang H, Bao S, Tsui MTK, Karanfil T, and Chow AT (2017) Extreme flooding mobilized dissolved organic matter from coastal forested wetlands.  Biogeochemistry 136: 293-309.


December 2017: Congratulation to Mr. Wenbo Zhang for completing his MS thesis and graduating in MS - Wildlife & Fisheries Biology


September 2017: Congratulation to Dr. Ruecker.  Dr. Rueker received a job offer at Max Planck Institute in  Jena, Germany.  He will start his new job in Oct 1, 2017.


August 2017: New Publication - Ruecker A, Uzun H, Karanfil T, Tsui MTK, and Chow AT (2017) Disinfection byproduct precursor dynamics and water treatability during an extreme flooding event in a coastal blackwater river in southeastern US.  Chemosphere 188: 90-98.


August 2017: Dr. Yunlong Yang is joining us as a visiting scholar. Dr. Yang is an associate professor in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China.


August 2017: Dr. Huen Chen is joining us as a post-doctoral scholar.  Dr. Chen received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from University of Tennessee Knoville. His research will focus on natural organic matter characterization using PyGCMS.


July 2017: New Publication - Coates TA, Chow AT, Hagan D, Wang GG, Bridges Jr W, and Dozier J (2017).  Frequent prescribed burning as a long-term practice in longleaf pine forests does not affect detrital chemical composition. Journal of Environmental Quality.


July 2017: New Publication - Tsai KP, Uzun H, Karanfil K, and Chow AT (2017). Dynamic changes of disinfection byproduct precursors following exposures of Microcystis aeruginosa to wildfire ash solutions. Environmental Science & Technology 51(15): 8272-8282.


July 2017 - New Publication - Liu X, Ruecker A, Song B, Xing J, Conner WH, and Chow AT (2017) Effects of salinity and wet-dry treatments on C and N dynamics in coastal-forested wetland soils: Implications of sea level rise.  Soil Biology & Biochemistry 112: 56-67.


May 2017 - Congratulation to Thomas (Adam) Coates.  He passed his PhD dissertation defense and will graduate in May 2017.  He has received an offer as an assistant professor in Virginia Tech and will start his new position in Fall 2017.


May 2017 - Congratulation to Kuo-Pei Tsai.  He passed his PhD dissertation defense and will graduate in May 2017.


April 2017 - Congratulation to Dr. Jun-Jian (Justin) Wang (2015 Alumni).  He has received an offer as an assistant professor from Southern University of Science and Technology in China and will start his new position in Fall 2017.


New Publication - Tsai KP and Chow AT. (2016) Growing algae alter spectroscopic characteristics and chlorine reactivity of dissolved organic matter from thermally-altered forest litters. Environmental Science & Technology 50(15): 7991-8000.


A new NSF grant (2016) - Hurricane-mediated alteration of microbial mercury methylation in coastal wetlands. NSF – Low Temperature Geobiology & Geochemistry.


New Publication - Chow AT, Pitt AL, Baldwin RF, Suhre D, Wang JJ (2016) Water quality dynamics of ephemeral wetlands in the Piedmont Ecoregion, South Carolina, USA. Ecological Engineering 94: 555-563.


New Publication - Wang JJ, Jiao Y, Rhew RC, and Chow AT (2016) Haloform formation in coastal wetland along a salinity gradient at South Carolina, United States. Environmental Chemistry 13(4): 745-756.


New Publication - Wang JJ, Dahlgren RA, Ersan M, Karanfil T, Chow AT (2016) Temporal variations of disinfection byproduct precursors in wildfire detritus.  Water Research 99: 66-73.


New Publication - Ng TW, Li BB, Chow AT, and Wong PK (2016) Effects of bromide on inactivation efficacy and disinfection byproduct formation in photocatalytic inactivation. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 324: 145-151.


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